About Us

ApkChinese is a brand new, open, free Android app store for everyone. We hope this project will revolutionize the way people use mobile devices.

Basically, ApkChinese will be a different version compared to other app stores. Everything is organized and concise to make sure you can find the app or game you need. What matters is that it really works for you.

The next difference you will experience is a sense of security. ApkChinese analyzes and evaluates all content that will be released to detect and remove applications that violate our security standards as early as possible. We also take in user information to make the review process more rigorous than ever.

We pursue minimalism, not just in life. You will feel minimalism in the design of this app store. Minimalism will help reduce the side issues that consume all of our time. We always try to get the job done as quickly as possible. With just a few taps, you can download your favorite apps, install them on your phone, and enjoy the work and play benefits they bring.

But the journey has only just begun…

Apparently it’s too early. ApkChinese journey has just begun. There is a lot to do.

To be able to go further, we understand that we need your support and companionship. Your satisfaction is what drives our founders to keep going and accomplish their mission…

We want your support and thank you for your support!